Friday, September 11, 2009

congratulations my man!!

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i missed my big brother's convocation last month. held at UTM Skudai. i got important stuff need be done here. so when i met him at my parents last 2 weeks, i was like, hey, why not we have a photoshoot, right here at home instead? so we meet again this week and yes all of my siblings was there too. a big fast breaking session. :)

well the thing is, i really dont have anything at home. so i juz use a big green blanket as it going to be the background curtain. glad that worked out well. :) we managed to capture the pics accordingly. mom and dad was happy too. in fact everyone was happy. its been a real happy gathering..

to my big brother, Dr Yusri, wow now that title is sure gonna change your paycheck..hahaha..anyway congratulation my man.. we all do proud of you. now hey, dont get too far ahead, i mean, i juz started my master program man.. :P btw sorry kena denda sbb lambat pulang jubah.. akekekekek.

5 blanket pun boleh je pe.. :P

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

10-meter-air-pistol :)

hidayah, my ex-classmate in high school called me last saturday. she was about to visit the shooting range here in batu pahat. it happened that im juz few minutes away from the shooting range, so i went to see her there and apparently i got my camera with me. so without thinking, i did some quick shots. well of course with permission. :)

never went to such place like this. never did know that hidayah was a Sukma athlete too! (well pretty much she kept it between herself! :P) as i arrived, theres a few schoolkids were practicing. the coach, En. Subari Arifin told us, they practising for the next Sukma. except he and his coach partner, Mr. Victor Nikolaive, havent select the athlete yet.

it was a short session of 10 meters air pistol but i manage to get some information from Hidayah and Mr. Victor about the place, and about the training as well. (fyi, Mr.Victor is a russian coach!) i did try to play with the gun, but i tell u, its fricking hard to shoot the target! well another experience of shooting instead of shooting pics. :)

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guys, good luck 4 Sukma next year!
go Johore Contingent weehoooo!! :D

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Friday, September 4, 2009

TAK NAK!! (tapi macam nak)

i gotta say this is a good PSA (public service announcement). i dont know why smokers out there (heavy or not x kisah la) are still not quitting even after all PSAs like this are published. "its not easy to quit smoke", "easy for u to say when you are not a smoker". yeah i heard that alot. yeaaaaaaahhhhhh-heck. :P

it is a fasting month, a good time to quit smoke too. might slow u a bit with the habit. except maybe a month after that, u need an extra effort. glad that im not a smoker, i just never had a smoke before. while theres a lot of things invented and created, i dont really get it, why cigarette even exist? (im gonna google the history after this...NOT! :P) :)

for all those people out there who already quit smoking. i salute u. u do the right thing. only then, there is an issue about passive smoking though. sigh. :( by the way, i really enjoy the PSA. love the cinematography. they said it's kabir bhatia's. im not so sure, but im pretty sure its a good one. :)

p/s: have u guys ever watched- 'Thank You for Smoking'?
smokers do find the movie really interesting. whatevs. :P


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