Friday, October 16, 2009

a bit busy..i presume.. :)

im a bit bz i guess

yepp..its been quite a while kan..? i get numerous questions like; where new pics? tell u the truth, i was sick during the last eid. constant headache and fever. sort of ruining my mood to capture photos. (well i dont know if i can hold my camera that time! haha) but still, i got few with my Litos cam. yeah i will upload it soon. :)

so eid break was over, and i was still sick, missed couple of few classes. only while im getting better, theres this n that to do. lots of this and that to be exact. :( so theres no updates in here. but im okay now. in good shape. juz need a lil comeback.. haha :) btw to all my classmates. gud luck for final exam. starting next monday. we sure had alotta fun this semester. kan? :)

hari ni balik johor..wehooo.. :P

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