Monday, November 16, 2009



i made it to leen's last week. anyway they deserve a visit. raya pun tuari x sempat nak singgah.. heeeee.. now if u wonder which leen im talking about, try to remember a female character named Sariah in Dunia Baru the series, and also the movie. now that was Zazleen Zulkifli. daughter of the famous actor and actress - Zulkifli Zain and Normala Omar.

i missed their wonderful wedding reception at kedah last year and she kept complaining about it, hehe sorry leen. its even better to visit you now with bunga hanania in your arm right!! :P congratulations to abang adnan too. father that is. bunga hanania is so cute and i cant wait to hear bunga called me 'uncle adib' though. :P :D

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thanks to suria and rina too. ur awesome :)

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