Monday, February 1, 2010



new semester has started. guess we are all back on track of on what we supposed to do. study that is. cant really imagine how excited i am this time to go to class. :) i have alotta things lately. hands full with couple of stuff. coping with class assignment too. now who says being bz isnt fun. i like being bz. but with good reasons la. :P

in case ur wondering. yeah no updates since last month. i juz finished a conference assignment at PJ yesterday (will update soon), couple of designs for the new Parit Raja Kopitiam before that (congratulation my man razali for the grand opening), and i juz completed a few albums as well (thanks kak lyna for the waiting). but im visibly here tough im bz. still. and yes, i am having fun living in a bz-pleasure-life. :)

p/s: good luck to all of my classmates. :)
pic: stranger kids at hazlina's reception.

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