Wednesday, January 12, 2011


1. cant really describe how am i feeling right now. anxious, nervous or maybe afraid? :P

2. btw we are all currently in our final semester. time goes by reallllyyyy fast. and im now 1.5 years here in shah alam. im gonna miss this class. the awesome-est class ever! i wish u all the best. one more semester for a master's degree! :)

3. ok da jom settledkan dissertation!!. hahahaha. :P


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back (standing left to right) : Barirah, Anna, Nadiah, Elle, Intan, Rizz, Shida, Qila, Eiman, Nabila, Raihan, Farazilla.
middle (sitting) : Dzul, Nabilah, Farisha, Syamihah,
front (sitting) : ME, Paliy, Gee, Adlene, Sherina, Shuk.
not in picture: Fara Wahida, Zira, Huda, Abdullah Ali Alassiri, Amelia, Zalida, Izwan Azir, Fuad Mansor, Didie Fardiana.

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