Tuesday, April 12, 2011


1. cant say i do all my photo sessions alone. doing such session by myself will cost me more time and effort to pull out a good photo. i always have my best bud -udil to accompany me with mostly: outdoor sessions.

2. udil has always with me with almost all receptions. being my chat bud as well as exchanging ideas and the most importantly, my test subject. i dont know what happened to me if theres no him to tag along.

3. so heres a brief introduction of udil. my best man. hahahah. thanks man for all work day we had together. :P


footnote: see that big frame behind udil? its a Holy Al Quran. we found it still hanging in the abandon house near jalan sultanah batu pahat. while other things were severely thrashed, that frame is the only thing that still hanging on the wall. jumpy.

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