Saturday, April 9, 2011


1. when people or mostly potential client approached me, they usually asked me quite the same question:

"Kedai awak kat mane?"
"So do u print all the albums on your own?"

2. yes i know, if a photographer has a gallery or owns a shop, having printing machines and all, he or she has a higher level of everything regarding to the photography business.

3. no i dont dont have one. neither a gallery. i just do my my entire work at home. in my room to be exact. that is my work place. the digital darkroom. i can probably say i spent most of my day in here. doing my albums and as well as my homework.

4. no i dont have machines as well to print, neither a manpower to operate them. but hey, i have trustful suppliers who can give me that kind of service. because as for now, i do photography as my hobby plus im still a student. for at least two months from now. :P

5. haha. now u gotta see my workplace. gallery or no gallery, lets capture a good photo. thats what matters most. btw with god's will, i can own my kedai in future insyaAllah. :)

me with mom. photo captured on her request. said she like my workplace/room. :)

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