Saturday, July 23, 2011


0 be able // dont be miserable

1. about time for me to work as im about to finish my masters. alhamdulillah. its been 2 years since my last employment at UTHM. 2 years since then was all about photography and study. and that made me learn a lot of things.

2. being a photographer, i never attended any photography class. neither photo editing. dont be surprised, can i say that? yeah. i only learn from the web. i looked for other's photo and try to make one, then improvise. simple way of learning right? effort is another way to look at.

3. for me as long as anyone has the will, they can do it and survive. because sources for anyone to learn are everywhere. you just need to keep looking for it. ok not that im against classes or workshops. i just couldnt afford it back then. hehe. but hey, i did tag-along with old-timers as a way to learn too. n speaking of that, learning is something that i will always do.

4. being a student in the other hand, made me discover various way to improve my interpersonal skills as well as knowledge. im glad im finally in the midst of completing my study. education has also change the way i view things from a different perspective, give opinion about something and argue about something and most important, listen to others about something.

5. being employed now, continuos learning is still highly in need. alotta stuff still need to be learned. new surrounding, new settings and of course adjustment which is a must. i just hope everything went smooth as i try to gain as much experience as i can here. amin.

6. my dad always tell me. be a fighter, not a quitter.

footnote: im still into photography. so no worries. :)

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