Friday, August 17, 2012


rita 1

1. hari raya is coming! but right now im still at shah alam, i probably push off to johor after midnight. i think during that time, traffic will be less hectic. :)

2. i wish all muslims out there a happy hari raya. especially to my exclient, my future client as well. family and friends who always supported me. thank you. its been a great ramadhan. :)

3. here are just some photos i manage to capture during my hari raya videoshoots. i did most videos for media hiburan, remaja, as well as hijabista. yeah, all of them are magazines under Kumpulan Media Karangkraf and i've been doing alot of that stuff recently. dont worry, will share the videos soon! :)

4. have a blast aidilfitri people!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012



1. yeah. i disappeared for the last 4 months. :( probably i was gonna im buzy and stuff, but that'll be very cliche. but in the other hand. i am. LOL.

2. so i just gonna heat up this comeback entry with nurul izzah. i saw her during one of my wedding assignments at Pantai Dalam KL. the environment of the reception was stolen from her as she showed up. at least maybe im the only one whoe felt it. coz my cameras were pointed at her for quite a while. :)

3. first time meeting her. she was amazingly calm, soft spoken and very friendly. seems people around here like her alot. ok, before you people gonna rage about my writing, i dont wanna talk about politics here. just pointing out my 1st impression yo. :)

4. more photos to come insyaAllah. :)


md adib md yunos
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